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soundconcept.net's Custom Update

Custom Update™ is what you need for affordable easy-to-use, in-house control, of your web site.

Check out our sample sites.

Custom Update™ lets you create and modify:

  • Testimonials - display comments from your customers/clients

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - gather answers to your most common questions in one place.

  • Articles- publish your news, press releases, newsletters, etc.

  • Files - provide access to documents, information sheets, press kits, etc.

  • Links - keep a
    collection of web links useful to your employees and/or customers

  • Photos - use photo albums to display event, employee, or product photos, etc.

  • Project/Product Showcase - present your projects and/or products

  • Categories - organize all of the above

  • Biographies - for key employees

  • Users -
    create passwords for your employees or priviliged clients
When your site needs security to maintain privileged information, Custom Update™ takes care of that. Any of the categories listed may be made privileged using the Custom Update™ tools.

The Custom Update™ user management system allows you to create users who are privileged to see items in privileged categories.

If you need the flexibility to have custom features, we will extend the functionality to meet your needs. (Additional charges will apply.)

Call now to see if Custom Update™ is a good fit for you!